May 10, 2012


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There is truth, and there is the appearance of truth.

This statement has been rattling about in my head ever since I read it in a book last week. This sometimes happens to me when I read or hear something that communicates a belief or perspective that I’ve held (or suspected) but have never been able to properly articulate.

I think we settle for the appearance of truth all too often. The appearance of beauty instead of true beauty. The appearance of love instead of true love. The appearance of commitment instead of true commitment. It’s easier to believe in appearances. It’s easier to project appearances. It’s hard to live the truth.

Truth is what interests me more than anything else. Truth often flies in the face of the apparent or accepted. Truth may get you in trouble with the powerful, may get you ostracized from the masses, may cost you in ways you haven’t seen yet. It can cause you grief in the short run. It rewards you 1,000-fold later. Just not always in the way you’d like. I have seen it and have faith in it still.

Truth is worth searching for. Truth is worth fighting for.

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