February 22, 2014


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Show the process


I do these drawings. They are detailed. Whimsical. Obsessive. And, I like to think, beautiful. I get a mixed reaction when I put them out into the world, but I’m slowly building a following of fellow doodlers, obsessives, lovers of pattern and sketchbook fanatics.

A recent thing I’ve noticed is that the best reaction I get—by far—are the “process” photos. The shots of how each doodle comes together step-by-step. I would never have predicted that, but I think I know why they are so appealing.

It’s storytelling.

By lifting up the hood and showing what’s underneath, the end result isn’t diminished(a common fear). It’s enhanced. It doesn’t demystify it(another common fear). It builds the mystery. It shows how much work and how fragile the evolution of a piece of creativity really is. It shows the work. People can’t always relate to a creative end product, but you better believe they can relate to work.

Fellow creatives, if your goal is to connect with your audience and customers, I encourage you to lift up the hood. Show the process.

What have you got to lose?

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