May 11, 2013


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Negative space

reversed doodle

Often the most interesting thing is what happens in-between what we are focused on happening. And we miss it. I’m not completely sure why. It probably has to do with how we are wired as human beings. We have our eye on the horizon. We are focused on the next goal. It’s an important skill. It keeps us motivated and hungry in the material world.

It also sometimes makes us miss the best moments. The quiet moments. The ones in-between the highlights. The ones we blow past on our way to our goals.

The negative space.

If you are professional visual communicator—photographer, painter, designer, etc.—you understand the concept of negative space. You are practiced in using it. You know what most of your clients don’t know. You know that the negative space is just as important as the positive. You know the truth that what you leave out (subtly or dramatically) affects what you leave in. You know that without the artful use of negative space, your communication will fail.

That same truth applies to life. Unfortunately, our space always seems be filled. Voicemail. Email. Texting. Apps. We are always on. We are always connected.

Do yourself a favor. Unplug a little. Not just from your phone, but from your goals and expectations. Allow some space for serendipity and serenity.

You never know what it will bring.

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