August 10, 2013


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Mom & Dad

Dear Matt,

Sorry if I got you in trouble with Sr. Eileen about this. When she gave us this in Oct. I thought – “I’ve plenty of time.” But time has a way of going by very fast.

It seems like just yesterday I brought you home from the hospital. It is very hard for Mom and Dad to realize that tiny little baby is now 13 and soon to be in HIGH SCHOOL!

Going into high school marks a maturity—physical and mental. And Confirmation marks a maturity—spiritual.

Though at times you seem like a little boy, you really are growing into a mature young man. And we are very proud of you.

You are very intelligent, understanding and thoughtful. You are very considerate of others. We are most proud of your sensitivity and caring for others. I think you are the most loving person I have ever known. You are always so ready to understand and forgive other people who have hurt you.

When I am upset or angry about something, you often come up and give me a hug and it makes me feel so good.

We are so happy that God gave you to us. You have made our life richer and warmer and happier. We love you very much.

Mom & Dad

—  —  —  —  —  —  —

Parents. Take time and write letters to your children. Life passes fast. Change comes in bunches. And maybe, 27 years later, while packing for a move your son will stumble upon your note and realize that even though time and life has changed him, your love endures.

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