April 1, 2014


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Live drawing by Amitai Plasse

I am fascinated by this simple concept by Amitai Plasse:

amidraws blog


1 – It has personality. There is a sense of uniqueness to the art. It’s a one off. It’s raw. And that is OK. As a doodler, I can appreciate the beauty in the “imperfection” of a sketchbook.

2 – It has a feeling of immediacy. This is huge. In our always-on, go-back-and-read-it-later, time-has-no-meaning data consumption world, this is something that looks and feels like it was done in the moment, taking in the feeling of the moment.

3 – It is immensely shareable. The format lends itself very easily to sharing via social media. The format—especially the animated ones—is taking great advantage of merging the analog feel with the digital world.

If you are a company or organization running a live event, why wouldn’t you hire an artist like this to “real time document” your event? (Assuming he’s for hire, of course)

The more we immerse ourselves in the digital world, the more we will crave the feel of our analog past.

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