November 7, 2015


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Irrational Fear Week – Day 6: Flying

Each day this week I’ll write a post about a fear that I used to have (some I still have) and how I have dealt with it in order illuminate some of the strange things we allow to get in between us and living a full and productive life.


Sometimes I can just sit there and appreciate the magic of fight. I look out the window and am amazed. Amazed that we live in a time when we can go up in the sky, move hundreds of miles in just a few hours, and return to the ground. Most of the time I’m just uncomfortable and nervous.

Turbulence—no matter how much I rationalize it in my head, it still freaks me out. I’ve never had a strong stomach. Roller coasters have always been out of the question. When the plane suddenly jerks and moves around, I become very aware of how unnatural an experience flying is. Maybe it would feel different if I were at the controls. Maybe not.

I’ve gotten better at distracting myself. I do my best to try to calm my mind, look around and gain comfort from the fact that the majority of people around me don’t seem to mind. They aren’t bothered by our little plane getting batted around by the wind.

Mostly, I try to accept it as the price for the experience. I’m not likely to die from a plane crash. There are thousands of flights every day without incident. And it’s a hell of a lot faster than the car.

This fear…well…I just have to deal. No pilot’s license in Matt’s near future.

See you tomorrow for Day 7, my final post of the series!

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