March 28, 2014


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Has Austin lost its mojo?

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Change is inevitable. It sometimes seems like the more you want something to stay the same, the less likely that actually happens.

Austin has been in a constant state of change ever since I moved here in 1996. Even back then, long time residents were bemoaning the evolution of their beloved city. That seems like nothing compared to what is happening now.

Not only has the visual fabric of the city changed in the last 20 years, the overall vibe of residents has changed. It’s busier. Less laid back. Less patient. I supposed that is just a by product of the massive growth. People now come here to chase success, first and foremost.

I came looking for success(i.e. a job), but I also came looking for community. There was a remnant of the “small town feel” when I moved here fresh out of college. Small enough to always recognize a friend or acquaintance during a jog around town lake. Big enough to find work if you looked hard enough. The barbecue and breakfast tacos were good enough too.

Has all this influx of business, people and money been worth it? A big part of why many of us moved here was the choice of quality of life over career opportunities. If Austin becomes just another big city with slightly better views from high-rise condo, is that still true?

Are the jobs any better? Are the people?

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