March 24, 2011

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Dreams Change. Have Yours?

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard an interesting statement: Dreams Change. The interviewer was asking the guest about his career and if he was happy in his current job and his answer fascinates me: “Where I am now, I am completely happy. But tomorrow, you never know. I’m living my dream, but dreams change.”

You could write off that answer as dodging the question(he is a professional sports coach), or take it as I haveā€”an example of someone who knows that we rarely stay the same. We change. We adapt. And if we listen to our internal barometer, we have to acknowledge that our dreams just might change with us.

I’ve come to a point where I realize that I’m forming some new dreams. Not even completely sure what those dreams are, but it’s equal parts exciting and terrifying. Exciting because I know that starting new journeys is what keeps me young inside. Terrifying because I don’t know if the rewards will be worth the price. Plus, it feels like failure to admit giving up on an existing dream. And I hate to fail.

Who knows. Maybe the only way to achieve new dreams is to let the old ones die.

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