May 4, 2012


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Writing = Freedom

Writing = Freedom.

This is the truth for me. I don’t think this statement is for everyone. You have to figure out for yourself what your first word is—and then you start to become more free. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to write. Daily. I have to commit the time to it. I have to put it out there and connect. At some point it may make me money. At some point it may make me friends. But, if neither happens, it will still have been worth it.

We are in the midst of the most fascinating communication explosion in human history. Never before has the ability for one person to directly connect to another been so easy. Meaningful connection, however, is never easy.

Meaningful connection is why I write. I write to clarify my thoughts. I write to satiate the creative impulse. I write to connect. It’s painful. Frustrating. Rewarding. Lonely and loving at the same time. I’m not always sure if I’m doing it right and I’m making it up as I go along. It’s a journey.

The weird thing is that it’s a very new journey for me. I’ve only been writing on my blog for a year. I am and have always considered myself a visual communicator. Initially trained as an artist. Developed professionally as a designer. Eventually became a businessman on top of it. Somewhere along the way, I shifted. The muse changed. Or maybe I did.

I talk about this sometimes on my blog, not to draw attention to myself for approval (yay! Look at me! I’m an awesome self-actualized artist! This is cheaper than therapy!) but to communicate openly about the process of creation, why it’s important, and to give encouragement to others to do the same. I think sometimes people need permission to create. They shouldn’t.

This journey has allowed me to continue to develop my own voice. Something that has been sorely underutilized. I bet you have a voice too. Have you practiced it? Do you let it sing? Or is it hidden away? Not quite a fit for your job. Not quite a fit for friends. Not quite a fit for your daily life. If this is you, then you are missing out. You don’t need to be perfect. You don’t need to be great. You just need to be. That is why I write.

And writing makes me free.

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This post is my take on a shared idea with John Langford where we decided to write about. . .well, writing. Why we do it, how we’ve come to this point when it’s not what we were trained to do and where we think it will lead. You can read John’s post here, and you can check out his blog here. Happy reading. Happy writing.

– Matt

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