November 6, 2012

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Every day is election day.


Another election day is here. You’ll probably be glued to the TV, checking in on your phone, or chatting away on Facebook or Twitter. The day will end and we’ll either have a new president or a second term president. And I’ll bet you’ll be riding an emotional high or an emotional low.

I’d like to offer you a different perspective: It doesn’t matter who wins. When it comes to your life, your successes and your failures, it doesn’t matter who wins. Whichever suit sits in the White House has less to do with your personal outcomes than you do. So don’t give them your power. Just give them your vote.

Somehow, we end up buying into the myth that they can deliver our dreams for us. It’s easy to fall for it. Why? Well, we are a polarized society. We are a polarized government. It is structured that way for a reason. It’s not all bad. But, because of human nature, we project our hopes onto these candidates. They, in turn, project our fears onto each other. It’s how you get elected.

I’m not saying leadership, political ideology, and public policy isn’t important. It is. It’s huge. It’s fundamental to how we govern our lives as a country. But you have more influence on that in your daily life than they do in their public one. So don’t sweat it. Our election will be over soon. The people will have spoken. And we’ll get up tomorrow with the same hopes, dreams and challenges. The same bills, jobs and job hunts to take care of.

So if your guy gets in, enjoy it. It’s the system at work. If your guy didn’t. Respect it. It’s the system at work.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow you go back to casting everyday simple votes on what kind of life you want to live.

Time to go to work.

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