July 7, 2011


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Community: Music by Ludwig Göransson


If you are a friend of mine, you’ve probably heard me raving about the tv show called Community. I’ve become a huge fan of the show as it works for me on so many different levels. I’ll probably do a post on the show itself in the future, but for this entry, I wanted to showcase something people rarely think about with network tv: the soundtrack. It is rare that a show’s soundtrack is so good that you not only notice it, but actively seek out it’s composer(Battlestar Galactica is the only other time I’ve done this).

Community’s music is created by Ludwig Göransson and it’s intro song is by The 88. What I love the most about Community (beyond the creative, smart writing and excellent cast) is the big heart at center of the show. It’s about very different people, who come together as a family, that would not do so under normal circumstances. The music ties into this so well. It’s not too flippant, not overly dramatic, just seems to hit all the right notes.

A few excerpts floating online:

And it wouldn’t be a Community post without at least one Troy and Abed credits video:

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